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FAQs - Morgan Darcy Portraits



Some answers to an assortment of questions and comments that I often hear! If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, please drop me a line.

I look bad in photos and I hate all photos of myself

I know. That’s not a question… I hear it a lot, though.

There is no such thing as photogenic. I promise. It is all styling, lighting and posing. Ultimately, it is your confidence in front of the camera. and that’s MY job to get you there. I will make you look and feel your best!

After sitting in the chair with my hair and make-up artist and your makeover is complete you are going to look and feel wonderful. Before your session we will have had a full wardrobe consultation so you will know exactly what to wear. But you’re not supposed to come to me knowing how to stand and where to look and what to do where your hands. That’s MY job. When you are done up and dressed, I will completely guide you through your photo session. I will pose you down to your last finger, coaching even your expression. It is my job to create the most beautiful images that you have ever seen of yourself.

I have Nothing to WEAR!

Don’t panic. We will have a consultation before your photo session when will discuss how you want to be photographed and the style of images that you would like. From there, we will talk about what clothes would be best to bring. Don’t have the precise piece that you would like to have? Go shopping! Borrow from friends, or even rent a special piece.

One thing is for sure: The more effort you put in to bringing fantastic outfits, the better your shoot will be.

Are images available in both Black & White AND Colour?

I edit images either as black & white OR colour according to how I believe the image is best viewed and deliver them that way. If you’d more black & white images and less colour or vice versa, let me know before hand and I’ll do my best to accommodate your wishes!

How long does it take after the session to receive our images?

It takes about two weeks for me to process your images. Once they are ready, we will get together for your Reveal session. It is at this time, when you see your beautiful portraits, that you will be able to choose and purchase the ones that you love.

I just need digital images

I believe in printing photographs as much as I believe in existing in photographs.
Data corrupts.
Files are lost.
Online Galleries expire.
Computers are replaced…

But a printed image gets carried forward. Think about your childhood photo albums. Do you know where the negatives are? Most people don’t. But having that physical representation of loved ones is priceless.

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Every image that you purchase comes with both a print AND a digital file!

How much does this experience cost?

The photo session costs $750 for one person. This includes a style and concept consultation as well as a final wardrobe consultation before your session, professional hair & make-up styling, and a photo shoot that lasts about 3-4 hours with 4-5 outfit changes and a viewing session when your beautiful images will be presented to you.

Individual portraits start at $275 and beautiful folio collections start at $1500. What you purchase is entirely up to you and I will work with you to create the package that YOU want. I do not hard sell and there is no minimum purchase or obligation to buy. With that said, I do my best to create the most incredible images that you have ever seen of yourself so that you will absolutely love them and want to take them home!

This is your dream photo shoot and it will be designed especially for you. Whether you want something edgy and moody, something ethereal and whimsical, something gorgeous and professional, or a little of everything, we will tailor your session to capture the photographs that you have always dreamed of…